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Fintech: Ticketing

San Francisco, California, United States

Universe is a website where users can find events in their area, and event organizers can publicize their events.

New York, New York, United States

Bytemark provides global transit fare collection, ticketing, and PaaS solutions. Plan, Book & Pay!™ | Siemens Mobility

Austin, Texas, United States

We offer closed loop payments, distributed on public and private blockchain. We use AI to prevent fraud. Oveit can be deployed on minutes.

Johannesburg, NA - South Africa, South Africa

Connecting commuters to private shuttles on their commute to work - freeing up time and saving money

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Tito is a small, self-funded company that has built a successful platform for event organizers to sell and manage their tickets online.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Explara helps creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to monetize from events, online selling, community, and crowdfunding.
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