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Our Vision, Purpose and Framework

Fintech Without Borders

Fintech Without Borders is an initiative of The Fintech Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization focused on providing thought leadership to the fintech ecosystem.

Fintech Researchers

We udertake cutting edge research in the fintech industry for the purpose of fostering innovation and collaboration among various stakeholders ranging from fintech startups and professionals to fintech investors and financial institutions.


Provide thought leadership


Share best industry practices


Undertake cutting edge industry research 


Serve as industry interface among various stakeholders

Our Vision.

Veritas Lux Mea

Our vision is to be a thought leader for the global fintech industry by nurturing and promoting fintech innovation, providing sector insights and intelligence through conscientious research and acting as a platform for industry interface.

Our Why

Our Purpose

We believe in empowering all fintech stakeholders and support fintech innovation

We achieve this by undertaking deep sectoral research and industry interaction

We are a unique amalgamation of professionals, academicians and investors providing interdisciplinary perspective to fintech research

Our Ecosystem

We strive to serve all stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem

Fintech Startups

Fintech Professionals

Fintech Investors

Financial Institutions

Our Research Framework

We undertake rigorous, continuous multidimensional research​

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