ABC Summit

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
May 25, 2021

Event Type



Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain


ABC (acronym for Asset Backed Crypto) Summit ==> Business that are supported by assets (gold, silver, lithium,…)

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

The event is dedicated to Blockchain and to cryptographic solutions that are captivating the interest of individuals, businesses and governments. The ABC (acronym for Asset Backed Crypto) Summit will serve as a business show for several start ups from the most diverse areas which have in common the fact that their activities are supported by assets (gold, silver, lithium,…) or added value projects. Using this criteria, the organisation was able to scrutinise the type of companies and their business model if seeking crowdfunding through the issuance and sale of own cryptocurrencies – Initial Coin Offer (ICO). Such pre-selection will certainly help investors to look with greater confidence at projects presented at the event, specially at a time when market volatility leads to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – originated in the Blockchain and based on speculation – undergoing extreme price swings. Among the prominent public speakers who have confirmed their presence are Kevin O’Leary – “Mr. Wonderful” from the hugely successful US TV program « Shark Tank », Dragan Primorac, an internationally renowned and awarded physician and many others (Kenny Au, Eric Gu, David Teruzzi, Vladimir Nikitin,…). Blockchain has the potential to become the next mainstream infrastructure for communication and commerce, for instance, and can introduce new freedoms while streamlining compliance and universal interoperability. The ABC Summit will be held at the Estoril Casino’s (Lisbon) “Salão Preto e Prata”, from May 16 to 17, 2018. For further information:

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