Clocr, Inc. – Our World is Digital. Legacy Planning Should be too!

May 28, 2021

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Asset Management, Elder Care, Financial Services


Clocr, Inc - for Financial Planners and Estate Lawyers - Webinar for Financial Planners and Estate Attorneys

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Clocr, Inc – for Financial Planners and Estate Lawyers Clocr’s flagship Estate Management for Digital Assets (EMDA) service offers an easy-to-use, online platform that helps you establish, and manage your client’s digital estate. Clocr is RUFADAA (Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act) compliant, with 3 pending patents. It helps bring order to your client’s digital assets, important documents, ICE/ICD vault (In Case of Emergency/Death), and other critical information. Clocr enables your clients to easily capture, protect and pass on their digital legacy. Offer next-generation digital legacy planning services that help your clients consolidate, track and pass on their digital assets. A consolidated view of your client’s digital assets gets you visibility and easy access to their nominees, allowing you to extend your offerings beyond first-level contacts. Mobile-ready workflows and Clocr’s admin dashboards allow you to easily manage and track multiple accounts from a single window. Easily access client and nominee details for quick control and reconciliation. Digital Vault services to manage and store a variety of digital assets, with exclusive rights and access control. Also includes a super secure crypto vault with pass key storage. Digital Time Capsule to record and store messages and memories that can be timed for release as per your client’s needs. ICE/ICD Folders to store critical information come with a toggle switch for immediate access to nominees in emergencies.

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