DataOps Therapy with DataKitchen’s Founders

December 8, 2021

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DataKitchen Founders Eric Estabrooks, Gil Benghiat & Chris Bergh dispense practical advice for data projects.

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Data & Analytics is broken. 1) 97% of Data Engineers are burned out; 2) 70% are likely to quit within the next 12 months; & 3) 78% wish their job came with a therapist. So how do you turn the tide at your organization? For a story of hope this holiday season, come join this rare opportunity to hear from the three DataKitchen founders, Eric Estabrooks, Gil Benghiat & Chris Bergh on: a) The results of our 2021 Data Engineering survey; b) Their thoughts on why Data Engineer burnout is happening; & c) A proposal on how to fix these issues with DataOps. Bring your data project issues & get practical advice that empowers your Data & Analytics team to eliminate data project failure. Warning: This webinar is not a substitute for professional therapy.

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