Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience – 2-day Course (San Jose)

San Jose, California, United States
December 9, 2021

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E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, UX Design, Web Design, Web Development


Emotion-driven design patterns for websites, apps and digital campaigns.

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In 2 days, this course will deepen your understanding of what emotions are and how they drive behavior and will teach you how to apply emotional design strategies to websites, apps, digital campaigns and more. You will gain mastery in building digital products that are inspiring and motivating. You will learn how emotions drive online behavior and build your experience using emotional insight to build strategically targeted web design, UXD, content strategy and more. Knowledge You’ll learn the neuroscience of how people perceive, feel, think and behave. Then you’ll take a deep dive into user emotion, covering the full spectrum of emotions and the way each emotion shapes how users feel, think and behave. The class covers the major emotional systems that drive online behavior. You’ll enjoy a blend of formal lessons with interactive design challenges, where you will learn how to develop emotion-driven design for websites, apps, video, ads and more. Skills This course will teach you how to design for emotion, while fine-tuning your digital creative. You’ll use standard industry UX, prototyping and editorial tools, which you can use in your next digital project.

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