Excel Visual Basic Application (VBA) Training at Intellisoft Singapore

November 15, 2021

Event Type



Corporate Training, Training


The VBA Macro Programming training helps you automate routine tasks by recording/editing the VBA Code for MS Excel.

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

Learn Excel VBA easily with our step by step, practical, hands on workshop in Singapore. After attending the VBA Macro Training course using Microsoft Excel 2016, you will be able to: – Record and Run Macros Easily – Write VBA Code Manually using Microsoft Excel 2016 – Perform Loops, Controls and Error Handling in Excel Macros – Create User forms and Sheet Controls in Excel 2016 using Excel VBA – Use Events to trigger specific VBA code. – Write Useful VBA Applications That Boost Productivity and Reduce Time on Routine Activities within Excel.

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