Finding Your Resilience

San Antonio, Texas, United States
November 20, 2021

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A panel of experts discuss resilience - limb loss and PTSD

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

A panel of experts will meet to discuss and share valuable insights about resilience, as it relates to limb loss. The panel consists of the following individuals: – Dr. Ivan Edwards, CEO of Jovana Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain, a board certified PM&R physician with years of experience and expertise in musculoskeletal medicine, neuro-rehabilitation and pain management. – Jesse Rettele, CPO, LPO, a highly regarded prosthetist at New Life Brace and Limb. 2 hrs of CCUs will be credited to RNs, therapists, case managers, and social workers–upon completion of this interactive course/event. – Tim Erhardt, of Laurel Ridge Treatment Center, a dynamic voice from a leading authority in mental health. – Dan Blasini, BSN, a respected nurse, and a decorated veteran with a passion for veteran affairs. – Linda Woods, CEO of REviFY Med spa–moderator and a dynamic entrepreneur. – Thomas Bourgeois, a renowned paralympic athlete. The symposium will be an interactive event, an engaging discussion of “Pre and postoperative care of traumatic limb amputations.”

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