Healing Retreats

March 12, 2022

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Our energy healing program is designed for those who want to undergo something more holistic than unwinding at a health retreat.

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Reflect on how often you meet someone who loves what they do for a living cultivates strong and vibrant relationships and carries a sense of inner peace and wellbeing? Why is it that a high functioning individual is the exception rather than the norm? While our bodies beliefs and behaviours are all interconnected modern life makes it difficult for us to live in an integrated and healthy manner. Our program takes a mind body and spirit approach to utilise a variety of modalities to help bring greater alignment through our natural healing retreats. This program incorporates breathwork reiki tarot holistic counselling theta healing & more. You can also take in soul blueprint readings which draw on the ancient metaphysical sciences of astrology and numerology to help you understand and activate your energetic blueprint. “I can’t see anyone walking away from time with Ginny without a sense of elevation or enrichment. Ginny is a healer she is genuine & earthy. She comes from a place of experience empathy & love. Ginny is a safe place to find your authentic self.” – Rachel P Learn more about some of the energy healing modalities involved in the retreat by visiting our webpage: https://adifferentdrummer.com.au/break-your-shell/reiki-sydney https://adifferentdrummer.com.au/break-your-shell/theta-healing Alternatively you can book an individual session of energy healing: https://adifferentdrummer.com.au/healing/energy-healing

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