Open Web Collective Demo Day: Community X Venture Backed

San Francisco, Islas Baleares, Spain
April 14, 2021

Event Type

Demo Day


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Gaming, Identity Management, Mobile Payments, Payments, Privacy, Telecommunications


Ten startups pioneering the Open Web will chat with VCs, community members, and Thought Leaders and showcase their projects.

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

Join Open Web Collective for Batch II Demo Day on Wednesday, April 14th from 8 am -10 am PST. Ten startups pioneering the Open Web will chat with VCs, community members, and Thought Leaders and showcase their projects. Event Schedule (subject to changes): Day 1, April 12th, 6:30pm PST – 7:30pm PST | “Tastemaker Lounge: The Open Web Edition” on Clubhouse Day 2, April 13th, 9am PST – 10:30am PST | Pitch Decks + Prediction Markets on Flux Day 3, April 14th – 8am PST – 10:30am PST | Community & VC Demo Day Batch II: Nym is developing a fully decentralized mixnet, with no trusted third parties such as a VPN. NYM supports a high volume of service and low latency through network incentives. Verida enables developers to build web & mobile apps where users own their data. Their library provides a decentralized single sign-on, data sharing, and profile management that fully integrates with the Verida Vault. Sarcophagus is a general-purpose decentralized dead man’s switch, which is triggered if the human operator becomes incapacitated. Use cases include but are not limited to wills and trusts, credential passdown, political activism, and key material backup. Kamix helps the African diaspora send remittances to family for free. Currently operating in Cameroon, they will soon launch in Nigeria. Heo Finance is the 1st stablecoin-powered crowdfunding platform that pays out rewards to donors. Each donation results in farming of tokens that allows donors to receive their donation multiplied in return. Vezt is the 1st mobile app where music fans can share royalty rights for songs & recordings. You can buy royalty rights for artists such as Maluma, Panic! At The Disco, and Blond Don. PESA is creating a decentralized carrier that transforms voice, cellular, and wifi networks into tradable resources. Currently, Pesa has a partnership with 37 airlines for in-flight internet and serves more than 68 million hotspots. Hash Rush, is an online sci-fi/fantasy RTS “Play-to-Earn” blockchain-enabled game. VZ studio will transition to a platform-as-a-service in the future, allowing game developers a suite of tools to create in-game economies using blockchain. Mintgate is turning any online content into exclusive rewards. It incentivizes early followers to support a creator, and then redistributes the added-value back to the backers. Paras lets you create, trade, and collect digital art cards on NEAR Protocol. Since its release in December 2020, Paras has managed to release 472 minted cards with a trading volume of 16000 NEAR.

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