Solve the Analytics Last-Mile Problem with a DataOps Process Hub

November 17, 2021

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Want to enable data analysts to rapidly answer stakeholder questions? Learn how a DataOps Process Hub complements (not replaces) your tools.

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Despite having world-class data engineers and the industry’s best-in-class toolchain, why is it still so hard to answer analytic questions? Don’t blame your staff or tools. The lack of analytics agility is most likely due to poor processes and workflows. The solution is a DataOps process hub – a place to centralize and optimize the processes that act upon the data for the purpose of rapidly answering questions and quickly deploying high-quality insight. In this webinar, Chris Bergh will discuss how a ‘process hub’ creates a win-win for both centralized IT and analytics teams. In addition to sharing an example of a real-life DataOps process hub in action, he’ll cover how a process hub: 1) Solves the analytics ‘last-mile’ problem; 2) Complements, not replaces, your IT investment; & 3) Prioritizes automation and reduces reliance on an army of consultants.

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