Swissintell Webinar – The value of trust in (dis)information – investi(gati)ng online trustful news

Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
June 1, 2021

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Networking, Virtual, Webinar


Consulting, Education, Finance, Financial Services, Information Services, Information Technology, Internet, Social Media, Software, Web Development


Swissintell Webinar 01.06.21 – The value of trust in (dis)information – investi(gati)ng online trustful news with Paul Wang

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The value of trust in (dis)information – investi(gati)ng online trustful news 4.66 billion people use social media. Social media has emerged as a revolutionary powerful communication means to spread (dis)information. What are the benefits, the threats, the risks, the opportunities How do we trust online information Is investi(gati)ng in online news company stocks risky or trustworthy The advent and easiness of online publishing makes it harder to value and trust online (dis)information. The objective of this presentation is to describe new challenges in terms of intelligence, governance, control, accountability, ethics, reputation of social media (dis)information, explain stakeholders’ impact. With a recent Swiss case who has impacted Switzerland generating disruptive reactions from the Swiss population and a more global case, this session will show how damaging harmful narratives or financial market manipulation can cause tremendous loss of trust and financial losses. In parallel this session exposes the importance of online threat intelligence and cooperation between private and public sectors. This session is also meant to be interactive for everyone to share his and her fruitful thoughts and concerns.

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