TC3 Carrier Connections 2021

November 15, 2021

Event Type

Conference, Demo Day, Networking, Virtual


Communications Infrastructure, Internet of Things, Telecommunications, Wireless


Telcos, vendors, and investors meet annually to discover innovation and startup partnership opportunities across the communications.

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

TC3 is an UNconference–replacing exhibit halls, speeches, and random networking with rapid fire introductions, spin-free demos, deployment case studies, corporate matchmaking and personalized introductions. Participants, who represent CSPs, networks, telecom vendors, startups and investors from across the communications industry and around the world meet 1-on-1 during TC3 to share innovation strategy, discover disruptive technology, and pursue new partnerships that move the communications industry into the future. With over a decade of connecting the right people, delivering multiple business opportunities, and changing the way people communicate, we are focused on personal introductions and high quality, private meetings for companies at the cutting edge of the communications industry. Delegates return to TC3 year after year to promote the latest technology, meet with innovation executives, advance partnership opportunities and discover innovation. Morning Agenda: Case studies, startup pitches, telco speakers & networking Afternoon Agenda: Roundtables, demos & 100s of MatchMaker meetings over 8 hours We’ve put the final touches on TC3 Carrier Connections (virtual on Nov 15-16). Speakers, Attendees, Telco Case Studies and Startup Pitches are all online; and the #MatchMaker Meeting Service has already started setting up introductions. Full agenda and attendee list posted and the #MatchMaker has begun building out everyone’s private meeting schedule. Link below to details and timing for the case studies including #tatacommunications and #tmobile, telco introductions including #rogers and #verizon, startup pitches on tech including #5g, #RAN, #AI, and #Edge, and 3 Roundtable Discussions with seats left – #networkslicing, #edgeservices, and #Private5G – and you can also see the attendee list there if you are still undecided: There are 8 hours of #MatchMaking, so still plenty of time for you to introduce yourself and claim some of those meeting slots for yourself.

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