Tech Phenomenon – Technology and Innovation World Tour

Dallas, Texas, United States
August 10, 2021

Event Type

Competition, Conference, Expo, Festival


Advertising, Consulting, E-Commerce, Education, Financial Services, Health Care, Information Technology, Internet, Manufacturing, Software


The Largest Tech & Innovation Event On The Planet

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

The Growth In Tech Is Undeniable. One Of The Most Efficient Ways To Reach The Decision Makers That Influence The Spending Of Today’s Tech Dollars Is To Participate In A Conference/Trade Show Forget What You Think You Know About Tech Conferences. This Is A New Phenomenon Industry Sectors No Longer Matter Just The Innovation Ecosystem Imagine 15 Conferences Convening In One Location With Its Doors Open To The Entire Industry. An Industry First, 50 Tech/Innovation Sector Trade Show Pavilion Displaying The Latest Creations And Innovation Opens Its Doors To The Entire Ecosystem. 15 HIGH LEVEL CONFERENCE TRACKS covering the entire spectrum of Enterprise & Consumer sectors as well as development and digital transformation opportunities. Topics include: TRANSPORTECH, STARTUPS, DEVELOPMENT, SAAS AND CLOUD, Q&A, MARTECH, ADTECH, DATA SCIENCE, AI, INNOVATION, HEALTHCARE TECH, GROWTH, EDUTECH, CAPITAL, VENTURE, SMART CITIES, MOBILE AND MOBILITY, AND CONTENT These include : DATA SCIENCE, MACHINE LEARNING, AI, OPEN DATA, DATA DESIGN, IOT, 5G, ACQUISITIONS, INNOVATION LABS, JOINT VENTURES, TRENDS, GROWTH, FUNDING, SCALING, ECOSYSTEMS, DEVOPS, CONTAINERS, OPEN SOURCE, SECURITY, BANKING, PAYMENTS, LENDING, INSURANCE AND RISK, AGENCIES, SUSTAINABILITY, CLOUD, BIG DATA, ENTERPRISE TECH AND SECURITY AND MANY MORE No matter which Tech Phenom events you participate in, you are sure to walk away with new ideas, new insights and new tech to help you take your organization to the next level. We’ve invited some of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers, brand ambassadors and industry leaders to share their ideas and opinions with our conference guests. Each event includes keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions, workshops, hands-on product demonstrations and unrivaled networking opportunities. If you’re a thought leader, innovator, investor, engineer, marketing guru, work in cutting edge tech, a startup enthusiast or a business professional looking to network and see what is coming next, you owe it to yourself to be part of Tech Phenomenon.

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