Webinar: How the User-Centric Delivero App is Reshaping the Courier Industry in Serbia

April 15, 2021

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Perfect chance for mobile app developers to learn about the first-hand effect of great UX on the sign-up drop off & increasing the security

Network with the top investors and experts in your industry

Details: April 15, at 15h CET, in Serbian language Shortly after announcing our partnership with Delivero, the user-centric app that is digitalizing the package delivery and courier industry in Serbia, we wanted to sit down with them to discuss their user-centric development ideology, why they have opted for IPification one-click phone verification over some other options, and the effect it had on their user experience and bottom line. Živko Gvozdenović, Delivero CEO and Founder, and Bojan Erić, IPification BD will join Maja Perović Baines to discuss the following topics: – What does it mean to be user-centric? How being user-centric benefits your business? How to become user-centric? – The impact of user experience on user adoption, engagement, and retention. Looking at the data, how does friction in the sign-up and sign-in processes affect the bottom line? – How does IPification fit into the Delivero development ideology? Why has Delivero chosen IPification one-click phone verification over some other options? What were the results of the partnership so far? When the discussion finishes, attendees will have the opportunity to ask any questions. This webinar is the perfect chance for mobile app developers in the region to learn about the first-hand effects of great user experience on the sign-up drop off while simultaneously increasing the security of their sign-up and sign-in processes.

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